For personal reasons, this year has been quite different to those previously. So, like many football teams, my season is effectively going to end early this year.

On Friday, I'm flying off with my family for a nice six week break. We'll be visiting Malaysia and the Philippines, soaking up the sun and generally relaxing. I've been to South-east Asia several times before and it's a fabulous part of the world.

For me personally it will be a chance for rest and recuperation, and I will recharge my batteries ready for the rest of the year. Hopefully it will also herald a good trading season come August.

So, apologies for a rather erratic set of posts this year, but I do foresee a return to a more steady, continuous  set of posts in the new season.

I hope you all have a good end-of-season trading/betting, and I might touch base with you all again come mid-June when I get back.