As I'm sure you're all aware now, Guy Poyet was sensationally sacked from his role as Brighton manager last night, while he was live on air, broadcasting in his role as pundit for the BBC during the Confederations Cup match between Nigeria and Spain.

The timing of the announcement on Brighton's website and via their Twitter feed was of course designed to cause maximum embarrassment to Poyet, but it does seem strange how quickly this has all got out of hand.

This dates back to May when Crystal Palace came to visit the Amex stadium for the Championship play-off semi-final second leg, and found excrement smeared over the visitor's dressing room. This in itself is a bit strange, as it's a bit like vandalising your own home, but we'll leave that to one side for one moment. The main question is who and why.

Now if you're guessing that Brighton have subsequently conducted some kind of DNA testing and discovered that the brown brick came from the anal lips of the former Chelsea star himself - then I don't think that's the case. No, this was not Poyet putting on a traditional Uruguayan welcome as far as I know; and I also don't believe Poyet sees himself as the new Bobby Sands of the football world.

Apparently Poyet was utterly outraged himself and fired-off an email (luckily that's all he fired-off) to all his staff, demanding to know who the culprit was and that they be sacked immediately. He also demanded a scratch-and-sniff test be performed on all employees.

But somehow this ranting carried-on further, and went on to question the ambition and direction of the club, although the precise nature of the criticism is not known. Maybe he thought the club was going down the pan. Maybe it was along the lines of: "You're shit and you know you are!"?

Either way, this verbal diarrhea was a bad move. Brighton Football Club took offence to the tone and/or content of this email and subsequently suspended Poyet and some of his coaching staff. Now that the dust (or perhaps the steam) has settled, they've now taken the decision to remove him entirely. Wiped from history, if you will.

So there you have it. Poyet is gone. Shafted by Brighton Football Club. Personally, I think the whole thing stinks and reckon it will leave a nasty stain on Brighton's reputation.