The Mexico v Italy match last night went pretty much according to plan, and was easy enough to make money from. The Spain v Uruguay match, however, was not so easy.

Even though the match finished with one of my chosen scorelines, when trading that doesn't really matter. I say that because if you are trading seriously then you should always be looking ahead in the match and trying to predict what is going to happen next. Using that information, the idea is then to start covering-off other dangerous scorelines using the potential green that you already have. We're trading, not betting.

If any of you watched the match last night, you will have seen Spain start like a train. They were fabulous, and if anyone doubted that they are still right at the very top, then that was quickly dismissed yesterday. Fast, fluid movement and lovely to watch. Superb football.

So, sensing an early goal and that it was going to be a long night for Uruguay, I put some money on 3-0. When the first goal went in, I layed some of my red off. When the second goal was scored, I layed off a bit more. Then I scalped myself into a position where I had green on every score. The late goal by Horse of the Year winner, Luis Suarez, was an added bonus, but this does illustrate the benefit of trading, whereby it's possible to turn around a potentially losing situation into a winning one.

Football: £133.10 | Golf: £23.93 | Tennis: £33.85  Total P&L:  £190.88

Football Showing 1 - 2 of 2 markets
Market Start time Settled date Profit/loss (£)
Football / Spain v Uruguay : Correct Score 16-Jun-13 23:00 17-Jun-13 00:53 58.28
Football / Mexico v Italy : Correct Score 16-Jun-13 20:00 16-Jun-13 21:53 74.82


With regards to tonight's match where Tahiti play Nigeria, it's difficult to find much in the way of value. Nigeria are listed at 1.07 to win the match, and I suppose at those super-skinny odds, I may feel like laying them during the first-half for a few pennies. If Nigeria take some time to find their feet, and before Tahiti tire, then the odds could possibly move a little.

Alternatively "Any Unquoted" in the "Correct Score 2 Away" market might be worth a look if there is no goal towards the end of the first half, at which point it could be worth laying with a view to trading after a couple of goals.