Shame that I broke my run in the final of the Confederations Cup last night. I had a solid run of wins all through the tournament (even though I did miss a few games), but that came to an end when Spain failed to turn-up for the final and were simply overrun by a brilliant Brazil side.

I made a good sum on both the semi-finals, opposing both Brazil and Spain to Win Both Halves of their respective matches, plus adding-in some correct score trades. All I needed to do was be sensible in the final and I would have a clean-sweep of wins for the tournament.

Luckily I didn't do much damage as I didn't really trade the match properly. I'd been out all day and got back at about 7:00pm in expectation of catching the Uruguay v Italy play-off match - only to find it had started at 5:00pm and I had missed the whole thing. Bit annoyed with that, but I had enjoyed a nice sunny day with Pimms and charcoaled sausages so I couldn't really complain.

By the time the final came on at 11:00pm I was utterly exhausted and just wanted to flop in my bed. At the same time though, I was determined to watch the final as I expected it to be a good game - and I wasn't wrong there. Not having the energy or willpower to put my laptop on, though, I settled instead for watching the match in bed with the thought of placing the odd bet on my phone should the situation arise.

As you all know, Brazil started like a train and Spain started like Thomas the tank engine stuck in the sidings. When Brazil went 2-0 up, I assumed they would take their foot off the gas and Spain would start to play. I layed Brazil @ 1.17 for £100, and then when Brazil went 3-0 up just after half-time, I layed them again for another £100 @ 1.04.

The liability was very small, just a mere £21 in total. Laying teams in this situation, although it failed this time, is generally a low-risk sensible thing to do (as highlighted HERE) - but if I had been more than half-asleep I might have considered laying Brazil not the best use of my money on this particular occasion. The truth was that Spain were just never at the races.

So, a very small loss but a great tournament overall and a nice little bit of diversion while we all wait for the football season to start again.

Soccer: -£21.00  Total P&L:  -£21.00

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Market Start time Settled date Profit/loss (£)
Soccer / Brazil v Spain : Match Odds 30-Jun-13 23:00 01-Jul-13 00:51 -21.00


There is a month or so to go before things hot up again. As stated prior to the Confederations Cup starting, I do like to put my feet up this time of year, so I'll probably cool-off on the posts while I make merriment.

As I do so, of course, there will be all manner of transfer shenanigans going on. Ronaldo might go. Cavani might come. There is talk of Rooney moving too - although I personally can't see him going to PSG or Real Madrid as some have suggested. Let's face it, the man can hardly converse in his own language; how is he possibly going to manage with French or Spanish?

As Ian Rush rightly pointed-out, "playing in Italy is like being in a foreign country".