Always bugged me a little that it isn't called the "Champion's League" (with an apostrophe) rather than the "Champions League" (without one), but we'll leave that to one side for the moment.

The draw for the group stages was made yesterday. Ideally I would have liked to have been at my computer when the draw was made, as there is always a chance to make money on teams who find themselves in a difficult or easy group, but I was on the motorway at the time.

Arsenal (happy days) have an awful draw and will hopefully be dispatched before the knock-out stages. Man Utd have a couple of reasonable teams in their group but should progress. Man City have Bayern in their group but overall it looks better for them than in previous years. Chelsea have the easiest route through to the knock-out stages.

Even given the draw, I personally still think Chelsea are a little short to win the whole thing. They have a decent squad but I just can't see them winning the whole thing, and at 10.5 to back, that just doesn't feel like value to me.

Anyway, time for a fun punt I think. On this occasion, I'd expect Man Utd and Man City (who I am hoping will be dark horses this time around) to make it through the group stages.  I also fancy PSG to do quite well, and they also have a favourable draw. Add in a sprinkling of a couple of outsiders in the shape of Leverkusen and Napoli and we have ourselves a bit of interest in the competition for twenty notes.

The idea of course will be to trade these teams when the knock-outs begin. Hopefully they can all make it through. Why not give it a go with your own thoughts.